MCM unveils a visionary partnership with CIPA


MCM unveils a visionary partnership with CIPA

This morning marked a historic moment as Morupule Coal Mine (MCM) and the Companies and  Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) sealed their commitment to propel Botswana into a new era of innovation and economic growth.
In a riveting address, the CEO of Morupule Coal Mine, Edwin Elias shared an exciting glimpse into the future: "Our CEEP Strategy is venturing into horizon two, with a laser focus on Industry and Development. We are zooming in on Manufacturing, Repairs & Maintenance – areas where innovation and intellectual property generation will be the catalysts for transformative change. This MoU is more than a signature; it's a vow to consolidate resources, ensuring effective information dissemination to citizens, companies, researchers, and innovators."
Mr. Joel Duke Ramaphoi, Caretaker Registrar General of CIPA, echoed the significance of this collaboration, stating, "Today is a milestone for CIPA as we formally join hands with Morupule Coal Mine. This partnership underscores our dedication to diversifying Botswana’s economy through the proper harnessing of knowledge assets possessed by Batswana.We are thrilled to have found, in MCM, a partner equally committed to the social, cultural and economic upliftment of Batswana."
Together, MCM and CIPA are igniting the flame of progress, uniting forces for a brighter, more innovative future for Botswana!



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