MCM Brand

Our Vision

"To be a partner of choice in the global coal transition"

Our Mission

"We are a globally competitive supplier of quality coal products with the agility to deliver value to markets and diverse stakeholders"

Our Values

Safety and Health, Together, Value Creation, Integrity, Stakeholder Focus, Sustainability

MCM Brand

At MCM we live a culture woven around a robust set of Values: Safety and Health, Together, Value Creation, Integrity, Stakeholder Focus, Sustainability. The MCM Brand promise: ‘Seam to Value’ captures so accurately our ambitions for the future and to ensure our message remains clear and unambiguous.

At the heart of Morupule Coal Mine stands a clearly defined set of principles and standards that drive its culture and the way it carries out its business. These principles are the foundations of the Morupule Coal Mine brand, shaping its reputation in the market place and reflecting its vision for the future.


"We are Passionate, about Safety , as we Work Together in a Caring environment, Growing our business into a center of Excellence"

Safety & Health

We nurture zero-harm operating environment.


Our strength comes from teamwork, diversity and inclusivity. We foster collaboration and leverage collective knowledge and experience of our employees and business partners. We uphold the rights of our employees to workplace free of any form of discrimination.

Value Creation

We create stakeholder value by pursuing opportunities beyond the obvious and taking advantage of them in an innovative and agile manner.


We adhere to moral and ethical principles. Transparency and accountability are core to our quest for excellence.

Stakeholder Focus

We recognise vested interests of our stakeholders and engage constructivelyon meeting their objectives. We singularly focus on delighting our commercial customers in pursuit to broaden our market footprint.


We commit to run a robust business, commercially sound, with good governance but also socially and environmentally responsible.

"Seam To Value"

Definition: ‘Transforming coal into unlimited source of energy’

This is the essence of the Morupule Coal Mine brand. A company dedicated to being the best in class for its industry, with internationally respected industry standards, and a company committed to delivering the coal that generates energy to help maintain the standards of progress, development and socio-economic stability that characterize Botswana and its people.

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