MCM Response to COVID-19

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MCM adapting to continue providing an essential product

At the Heart of MCM’s response to the COVID-19 response is a people-centric approach that takes multi-pronged approach to managing the corona virus in our operations. Our efforts to combating the spread of COVID-19 and reduce workplace transmission is based on collective responsibility between our staff, management, contractors and our business partners as well as the communities surrounding us.

As an essential service company, business continuity is critical therefore our response during the different phases of the virus had to ensure that we provide service to other essential services customers. The mine has had from time to time conduct the necessary health and hygiene protocols of fumigating offices and mine equipment and intensifying health protocols.

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic, the mine immediately established measures to prevent the infection and spread of Corona Virus. An internal response team was instantly deployed to assess Covid 19 risks and develop mitigation strategies and weekly assessments were conducted to reinforce compliance.

Some of the key interventions that the Mine put in place and continue to reinforce even up to this moment include:

  • Placement of Sanitizer dispensers at all strategic areas around the mine and screening of everyone who enters the mine premises
  • Temperature checks upon arrival to work and at knock off from work
  • Issuing of cloth masks and pocket hand sanitizers
  • Only virtual meetings are allowed and where there is a need to engage on face to face meetings all the necessary protocols are maintained
  • Social distancing at all times