Morupule Coal Mine teams up with Pula Medical Aid for BTC Francistown Marathon 2024


Morupule Coal Mine teams up with Pula Medical Aid for BTC Francistown Marathon 2024

Morupule Coal Mine participated in the BTC Francistown Marathon 2024 in partnership with Pula Medical Aid, showcasing its dedication to community involvement and stakeholder engagement. This event highlighted the company's focus on fostering healthy lifestyles and supporting initiatives that benefit Batswana.

The marathon provided an ideal platform for Morupule Coal Mine to demonstrate its commitment to health and wellness initiatives, reinforcing its relationships with stakeholders. This aligns with the company's values, particularly its "stakeholder focus" principle, emphasizing community well-being.

By collaborating with Pulamed, a valued stakeholder, Morupule Coal Mine exemplified its alignment with Botswana’s Vision 2036 Pillar 2 “Human Social Development” and its dedication to shared values that contribute to societal betterment.

Participation in the marathon underscored Morupule Coal Mine's commitment to corporate social responsibility and proactive stakeholder engagement. The company expressed gratitude to Pula Medical Aid for the invitation and reaffirmed its ongoing collaboration and support for initiatives promoting health, wellness, and community development.



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