MCM commemorates International Woman's Day


MCM commemorates International Woman's Day

Today, Morupule Coal Mine proudly commemorated International Women's Day by coming together to celebrate the incredible achievements of women in our organization and beyond. We were honored to host a motivational talk from a remarkable female business owner Mrs. Kagiso Tiwayi from Peaconwood BoutiqueVilla, who shared her inspiring journey as an entrepreneur, highlighting both the successes and challenges she's faced along the way. It was heartwarming to hear her express appreciation for the support she's received from MCM.


In addition to this insightful session, we engaged in a thought-provoking panel discussion focusing on mindset change, breaking barriers, and fostering diversity and inclusion within our workplace. The panelists shared their experiences and perspectives, sparking meaningful conversations and reaffirming our commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and celebrate together on this special day. Here's to the continued progress and empowerment of women at Morupule Coal Mine and beyond!






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