Panel Discussion: High Performance WorkPlace Culture, Gender Diversity & Inclusion


Panel Discussion: High Performance WorkPlace Culture, Gender Diversity & Inclusion

This afternoon, the Summit drew to an end with our Head of Mining, Keneilwe Orapeleng participating in a dynamic panel discussion on high-performance workplace culture, gender diversity, and inclusion. She emphasized the significance of implementing gender-inclusive policies and procedures, the critical role of mentorship, and the necessity for women to take up space and seize opportunities.


Drawing from her inspiring career journey as the first woman to obtain a blasting license, she shared invaluable advice on self-development, networking, constructive feedback, and the importance of reading. She also addressed the unique challenges faced by women in the industry.


In her final remarks, she highlighted the inherent strength women possess, underscoring that expectations should remain high, with delivery on par with all employees. Her insights continue to inspire and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering workplace.


The panel was moderated by Chedza Balopi, Ontrend HR Solutions with  discussants including Kitso Phiri - Exectivie Secretary at Botswana Mine Workers Union, Esther Kanaimba Senai - Chairperson at Women in Mining Botswana Organisation  and Sheri Gareikitse - CEO at Tatsand Mining Services.

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