How to purchase coal:

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Q. Can I buy MCM coal as an individual?

Yes MCM sells coal to both individuals and corporate customers.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum quantity that one can buy from MCM?

You can by from 1 bag of 50kg to thousands of tonnes.

Q. Who do I contact if I want to inquire about price and availability of MCM coal?

Call Sales & Marketing at the following numbers:

+267 4941270
+267 4941286
+267 4941243
+267 4941272

Or send e-mail to

Q. What process do I follow if I want to buy coal from MCM?

  • Send a written request for a quotation or proforma invoice by e-mail indicating product required and quantity.
  • MCM will send quotation or proforma invoice indicating total price for the quantity requested, MCM conditions of sale and banking details.
  • If you are a first time customer MCM will sent you a customer registration form to complete and send back to MCM with the required documents.
  • Use the quotation or proforma invoice to pay into MCM bank account and send proof of payment (POP) to
  • MCM will confirm receipt of payment once funds reflect on MCM bank account.
  • Send purchase order by e-mail to MCM.

Q. Does MCM deliver orders to customers?

  • No, MCM does not deliver product to customers.
  • MCM does not own trucks.
  • Customers arrange transport to collect their orders.
  • MCM can however assist customers with list of transporters that customers can contact for transportation.

Q. Can I collect my order by rail and what is the procedure?

  • Yes, customers can collect their orders from MCM by rail.
  • MCM has a rail siding in the mine.
  • Botswana Railways rail network links Botswana with Zimbabwe and the Republic of South Africa.
  • Contact Botswana Railways for a rail transport quotation indicating quantity to be transported and destination of the order.
  • Botswana Railways will contact MCM to confirm and give you a quotation.
  • Pay Botswana Railways and they will contact MCM to confirm that you have paid.
  • Botswana Railways will send empty wagons to MCM siding for loading.
  • MCM will load and send you dispatch documents and advise when wagons depart MCM.

Q. Is Value Added Tax (VAT) charged on exports?

  • Yes, VAT is charged on exports.
  • MCM is required by VAT legislation to charge VAT on exports delivered by road where MCM does not have control.
  • After delivery of order at country of destination, the customer can claim back the VAT from Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) by submitting customs cleared export documents acquittals.
  • However, VAT is not charged on orders that are delivered by rail.

Q. What is the procedure for collecting order from MCM by road trucks?

  • Requests for a picking number per truck from MCM for a particular collection date.
  • MCM will send a picking number to you as per your request.
  • Give the picking number to your transporter or truck driver to present to Security at the gate when coming to collect product.
  • Only trucks with picking numbers will be allowed to enter the plant to load.

Q. What are the Safety & Health requirements for trucks and drivers collecting coal at MCM?

i. Truck

  • Truck permit
  • Truck & trailers bodies in good conditions
  • Beacon light
  • Tarpaulin
  • Trailers must be covered with tarpaulin before departure MCM

ii. Truck Driver

  • Reflective overall
  • Reflective vest
  • Steel toes boots/shoes
  • Ear plugs
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust masks

Q. What is the procedure for reporting a customer complaint to MCM?

  • Send a complaint in writing to the attention of the Sales & Marketing Manager at
  • An acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint will be sent to the customer in writing within 24 hours.
  • Complaint will be registered on the Customer Complaints Register.
  • Complaint will be analyzed to determine if a quick resolution is possible or needs to be further investigated.
  • If a quick resolution is possible the customer will be sent a response immediately.
  • All complaints will be resolved within 10 working days after receipt of all required investigation material/information from the customer.