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Social Performance

Social Performance

Social Performance Morupule Coal Mine is The integrated approach and management of social risks and impacts. We aim to minimise the negative social impacts of our business activities, and maximise on socio-economic benefits for our people. We intend to continuecapitalizing on the positive contribution and strengthening partnerships with the communities in which we operate.

MCM adopted and has been participating in the Anglo American Social Way assessment which defines a governing framework for social performance. As at December 2017 we have been certified complaint to the Social Way requirement at a level 3 of the compliance levels.

Maximizing MCM’s Contribution to Communities

We are committed to making a lasting positive contribution to the communities associated with our operation.As part of this commitment, our socio economic development roadmap covers all the aspects of community development including local procurement, local employment, corporate social investment,enterprise development, external capacity building, employee volunteerismand culture and heritage management.

Local Procurement:

The MCM local procurement policy provides the opportunity for MCM to develop support, avail benefits and increase citizen spendfor our local suppliers. We engage with our local suppliers twice in a year to ensure understanding of our procurement procedure. We have goods and services that are reserved for local suppliers. We also publish expression of interest for other products as the mine expands and demand increases.

Local Employment:

MCM has localized employment to citizens of Botswana asguided byour succession planning policy. Our local employment activities are aligned with the Mines and Minerals Act requirements for employment and training of employees towards career advancement: Mines and Minerals Act– Chapter 66:01 – 12 Preference for Botswana products.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI):

MCM corporate social investment has always been the corner stone of MCM’s reach to the communities. We have since enhancedour CSI to focus and deliver socio economic development (SED) projects which will contribute to the sustainable development of communities. CSI activities are aligned to the MCM CSI policy as well as creating linkages to the SED objectives and activities.

Enterprise Development:

MCM supports the creation of enterprises development outside of the supply chain to reduce long-term dependence on the mine. Enterprise development seeks to create an enabling environment to nurture and groom upcoming and already existing enterprises.

External Capacity Development:

We assist local institutions to strengthen their effectiveness in addressing development and service delivery needs. Building the capacity of community development will in turn allow constituents to participate more effectively; tailoring decisions to local needs, and enabling more effective provision of public services.

Employee Volunteering:

We encourage ouremployee to participate in the employee volunteerism program contribute to building sustainable communities, thereby increasing our brand awareness, building a proud workforce and enhancing the MCM corporate culture of responsible citizen.

Culture and heritage:

We subscribe to the Botswana law on culture and heritage and a policy exists which provides guidelines on the handling and management of archaeological artefacts that may be discovered during operation or implementation of MCM expansion projects.

Social Incidents Management

Morupule Coal Mine plays an integral part in the communities in which it operates, both in terms of its mining operations and in relation to the social and economic development initiatives. A formal External Complaints and Grievance Procedure ensures that all complaints and grievances from communities are properly reported, recorded, responded to and resolved, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is a complaint or grievance?

An expression of dissatisfaction raised by a member of the community relating to Morupule Coal Mine activities, its employees and contractors.

How do you raise a complaint or grievance?

Complaints and grievances can be raised through the following

  1. Letter

    Chief Communications,
    Morupule Coal Mine
    Private Bag 35, Palapye
    Tel:  4920251
    Fax: to 4920643

  2. External Complaints Toll Free Number: 0800 600 118
  3. Email: a complainant can email
  4. Community Engagement: Complaints can be received during an engagement with external stakeholders.


In person: a stakeholder wishes to raise a complaint in person should come to Morupule Coal Mine and report to Security. The stakeholder should inform Security personnel that they are here to see Communications employees.  


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