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Safety, Health & Environment


We are passionate about our safety, wellness, training and development. At MCM we run a comprehensive and a rigorous SHE Management System which ensures that codes of practice, procedures, legal and other requirements are complied with. This has made us to be a globally recognised, safety conscious and maintain being a high performingorganisation inthe miningsector.

Our Safety and health performance trends as depicted by the Chamber of Mines reflects not only the good results but also represents maturity of the overall Safety and Health Management System, built over the years. Safety is MCM’s No. 1 priority in terms of MCM values.This performance represents our commitment to high standards of operational efficiency, care for the environment, and the well-being of our employees. To this effect MCM has profoundly lived the zero harm principle.



MCM continually identifies and evaluates ways to mitigate possible sources of danger to its workforce within their respective working environments. We have over the years built a safety culture amongst our employees through beliefs that make safety “A want to”, and not a compliance issue.

The comprehensive Safety and Health Management System has enabled an atmosphere which facilitates a framework within which all our initiatives, innovations and creativity toward achieving Zero harm can be accomplished.

ZEROHARMCOMMITMENT ISO 14001:2015 Certificate and ISO 45001:2018 Certificate



Zero harm to the Environment is possible and as MCM we believe that the road to Zero harm to the Environment is a journey that we as MCM have decided to mine our coal at minimal impacts on the environment.

The Journey to build a resilient Environmental Management System started back in 2007 when the Mine laid down the first brick to build resilient Environmental Management System that will bring us closer to achieving our vision of Zero harm to the Environment. Within three years of starting this Journey, the Mine’s Environmental Management System got ISO 14001 certified and has been improving by the day since. This is attributed to our environmental stewardship based on respect for the environment in which we operate and for the rights (especially of the quality of life) of our neighboring community.

Across the MCM system, we also recognize that climate change may have long-term direct and indirect implications for our business and supply chain.As a responsible company, we have taken an initiative to  improve the energy efficiency of our production processes and reduce the potential climate impact of the products we sell. Our response to climate change also reflects MCM’s integrated approach to sustainability in which climate protection is a key component of our business strategy.