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Morupule Coal Mine Milestones

Run off Mine (RoM) Production since 1973


MCM incorporated as Anglo subsidiary



Production started



BPC  A started



Botswana Ash commenced coal off take after commissioning the salt and soda ash plant in Sua Pan



Debswana bought MCM



Coal exports to  Zimbabwe



Introduction of CM + sliding scale



Coal wash plant


MCM1 Expansion – capacity increase to 2.8mtpa



First coal supplies to new BPC B Power Station & to Namibia



First coal supplies to Seaborne Market



RoM production exceeded 2 MTPA, coal exports to Namibia


In 2000 Debswana acquired MCM as its 100% owned subsidiary and it has since grown both in stature and production to be the dominant influence in the coal mining sector in the country.

In 2010 Morupule Colliery launched the expansion project that will enable the mine to produce enough coal needed by the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) for its 600 MW expansion power plant which was set to end acute shortages of power in Botswana. The power increase was expected to be 600 MW for phase1 and 600 MW for phase 2, together with the current 132 MW of generating capacity. The coal required to meet these requirements was established as 5.8 million tons per annum. The Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), which operates a coal-fired power station has been the main consumer of the MCL coal, consuming about 66 % of the MCL annual production.The expansion project prompted by the fact that Eskom, which has been supplying Botswana with 80% of power was scaling down power exports to the country due to increase in domestic demand. The power imports were to be scaled down from nearly 80% to 25% of Botswana’s needs by year 2012 with none available at all from year 2013. Morupule Colliery was at a better chance to expanding, as the mine was standing at a potential of up to 45 billion tons of coal resources and only consumed mainly by BPC, Botash and BCL but still with huge coal market existing for washed coal.


In 2011 after the expansion Morupule Colliery management in consultation with the Board of Directors and employees changed the company name and consequently logo to Morupule Coal Mine (MCM). The new branding was to promotes the company’s image in line with more modern and appropriate branding, and aligned to the vision of the company from being just a ‘colliery’ to be a complete business including present and possible future coal beneficiation activities that the Mine may be involved in. The new logo and brand comprises two similar forward looking waves that reflect teamwork and unison within the workforce and the Mines’ interaction and involvement within the community. The blue character emphasises the company’s desire to extract the resource responsibly and in an environmental friendly manner. The blue builds on the heritage of Morupule Coal Mine and the Nation at large. The black portion of the new logo emphasises the importance of coal for the prosperity, stability and future of Botswana and its people (the force behind energy that drives the wheels of commerce).Exports into regional markets continued to grow and giving rise to economic growth, employment opportunities and benefits for the surrounding community in which MCM operates.

After the successful completion of its Phase I expansion, MCM continues to explore its vast reserves and is currently undertaking further exploratory and investigative work (Phase II expansion) with the objective of establishing an open pit mine in the northern boundary of its mining lease area to meet the additional regional and overseas markets’ demand for coal.


In 2011, MCM carried out a 1.5 Billion Pula expansion project to tripled coal production capacity from the previous one million tons per annum to 3.2 million tons annually as compared to 145 000 tons per annum in 1973 to a total of 985 000 tons of coal mined in 2005. Activities covered by the expansion project included:

  • Development of the existing shaft production capability from one continuous miner section to four, i.e. upgrading from 1 million tonne to 4 million tonnes.
  • Construction of another incline shaft with twelve continuous miner sections some 4.5 km to the North of the existing shaft.
  • Replacement of the surface screening and crushing facilities at the existing location.
  • Addition of a coal wash plant which was 4 times the existing one (in terms of capacity) located near the old plant.
  • Construction of new workshops and offices, the plant area was expanded to covers an area of 34 ha;
  • Construction of new housing units at Morupule Village
  • Other Support Infrastructure that were put in place included:
    • Administration office block erected in the vicinity of the existing administration offices;
    • Various 11 kV distribution power lines to distribute power from the substation to plant areas where power is required;
    • Internal water pipelines;
    • Storm water capture systems
    • New access roads;
    • Expansion of the existing railway link to allow increased levels of coal transport from the mine to the main railway line.
    • Fully equipped laboratory to perform washability tests on the products of the washing Plants.
    • Conveyors

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